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Submission DateDecember 1, 2020
Nominator Personal Information
NameZahra Iyane THIAM
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CategoryMember of government
OrganizationMinister of the government of Senegal
NameAhmed Iyane THIAM
Nominee Information
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OrganizationPresident of Senegal's Islamic Superior Council
Achievement brief

We nominate Mourchid Ahmed Iyane Thiam for his actions and achievements in accordance(consistent) with the principles set out in the Zayed Award for Human Fraternity.
Mourchid has forever marked Senegal's contemporary history through his long struggle for peace, dialogue and mutual understanding among the Senegalese people.
Through his abnegation and his journey, he succeeded in achieving what some described later as a miracle, which is: reconciling all the Senegalese people, in particular through a uniqueness of religious festivals, subject of systematic divisions between religious homes in the past.
After unsuccessful attempts by other entities, Mourchid was the first to unify Senegal's major religious homes through the National Commission for the Lunar Crescent (CONACOC), which he founded in 1996.
He also chaired the Muslim Cultural Union (UCM) since 1977, where “cultural weeks” were organized on eminent Africans, inviting prestigious personalities from several different countries.
On top of it, he is the president of Islamic Superior Council (CSI) which mission is to unify Senegalese people on religious issues, including fostering The Islamic-Christian dialogue.
It is in this perspective that a group of Senegalese youth, under the Association for the Development of Senegal (AJMDS) wished to pay tribute to him in December 2019. This association expressed its full gratitude for his tireless work aiming at the stability and unity of hearts, while focusing also on the pacification of political and social space.
Finally, Mourchid has recently published his book entitled "Islam: Justice and Humanism" in Arabic and French.
Mourchid takes us into the ocean of Islam to restore the honor of Abraham's religion, the ambiguities and the most striking accusations against him, while restoring the valuable outlines of Islam by exploring several themes which bones revolve around justice and humanism as the guiding forces of this religion that wants to be universal.
In this regard, Mourchid paints us the defining essence of Islam, its thoughts, its humanistics and fair purposes, not to mention the means to achieve them, namely dialogue, consultation, education, the rehabilitation of an ijtihad ("interpretation effort") of specialists, therefore restoring the fundamental religious and temporal foundations for lasting peace and felicity in this life and beyond.
Before tackling solutions and remedies to the problems faced by Muslims and the rise of Islam, Mourchid emphasized in the prominent difficulties in West Africa particularly Senegal, while dealing with the history of Islamization in these countries.
Once all the principles of humanism and justice have been brought to light, counteracting misjudgments such as alleged violence and inequity in this Religion, Mourchid embarks us on a "living resurrection" of international conferences in which he participated, and provides us examples of the precious "cultural weeks", as the head of the UCM (Muslim Cultural Union). These actions led to the beginning of a Commission capable of unifying the observation of the Lunar Crescent in Senegal. It is therefore a practical lesson of all these principles, which have been set out before with concrete examples, increasing the credibility of a well-fulfilled, profitable and beneficial journey.

For all these reasons, we strongly recommend this application, which we believe is most appropriate in view of the principles and values mentioned by the Award.

Supporting Documents
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