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Submission DateDecember 1, 2020
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NameOlfat Bishay
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CategoryPublic Figure
OrganizationHuman caring citizen
NameMama Maggie Gobran
Nominee Information
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OrganizationStephen's Children
Achievement brief

Since 1985 Mama Maggie pursued a calling to help impoverished children especially in the slums and rural areas of Egypt. This was an inclusive humanitarian goal. She served as a role model, serving in person, encouraging volunteers, and training staff. Mama Maggie exemplifies sacrificial love by caring for children through providing basic necessities, health care, hygiene, education, and most of all character building. To help each child appreciate their worth, have a dream and equip them to achieve it is the ultimate goal of Stephen's Children. Over the years many children who were touched by Mama Maggie and the service grew up as good citizens, rescued from poverty to giving back to the community.

Supporting Documents
Letter of endorsement:Mama-Maggie-summary.pdf