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Date CreatedNovember 30, 2021
Date UpdatedNovember 30, 2021
Nominator NameBill Huizenga
Nominator EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Nominator Gender
  • Male
Category of nomination qualificationA member of government and/or current or former Head of State
Nominator Phone202-225-4401
Nominator OrganizationUnited States Congress
Nominee Name"Mama" Maggie Gobran
Nominee Gender
  • Female
Nominee OrganizationStephen's Children
Nominee Achievement Brief

Mama Maggie abandoned numerous opportunities provided by her elite upbringing and resisted restrictions against women’s leadership to establish Stephen’s Children (SC), a non-governmental organization that serves the most impoverished urban slums and rural villages in Egypt regardless of their color, creed, or faith. From its humble beginnings in a Cairo slum, SC has grown to a nationwide Christian institution that feeds, clothes, educates, and mentors children, as well as providing vocational training for adults with a program for empowering women and young ladies. Mama Maggie and SC save children’s lives daily in Egypt, a country of almost 100 million, nearly half of whom live in poverty. She has laid the educational foundation and provided economic salvation for tens of thousands of impoverished children. In addition to multiple nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize, Mama Maggie is the recipient of numerous Egyptian and international humanitarian awards. Frequently called “the Mother Teresa of Egypt,” Mama Maggie has worked to overcome the pressure of family and societal norms placed upon women of her class to establish an institution that incorporates the poor and forgotten into the Egyptian education system and economy.

Letter to prove your eligibility:20211130174349220.pdf
Letter of endorsement:Mama-Maggie-Nomination-Zayed-Award-for-Human-Fraternity.pdf
Nominee's current curriculum vitae or Bio:Mamma-Maggie-Profile.pdf