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Josef BoehleDecember 3, 2020Approval Status

Dear Colleagues, could you please explain what the current status 'unapproved' means? Will the nomination be reviewed soon or have there been some details missing in the application? Thank you.

Rabbi M. Bruce LustigDecember 2, 2020nomination

I submitted a second individual
I do not see it reflected in this site ?

Rabbi M. Bruce LustigDecember 2, 2020nomination

I submitted a second nomination which is not reflected in dash board ?
Please explain

Tadros KaldsDecember 1, 2020The Supported Documents

The Nomination is unapproved, when the edit is not approved also, please tell me how to deal with this problem.

Soheir Youssef BeshayDecember 1, 2020i need to know

Letter to prove your eligibility ( for the nominee or the nominator

sara ahmedNovember 29, 2020عاجل

هل يوجد نماذج جاهزة لخطاب الترشيح وخطاب التأييد ام سيتم اعدادهم حسب الجهه وما الفرق بينهم

November 17, 2020Nomination of Sheik Abdullah bin Bayah

I hope it reaches the address for nomination!

Maha OdaNovember 14, 2020Inquiry

Hi all,

I would like to nominate a great filmmaker who born and raised in UAE before he moved to Egypt. His work is truly reflects the award objectives. My question is: in the Category section, i am not sure what should I select? I am working for iNGO as global communications adviser and my title is included in the drop list. Please advise.

thank you so much

Maha Oda

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